By the other side

by Tarkampa

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With this new work, Tarkampa talks again about freedom. By The Other Side is a way to observe the world from a different perspective.
Tarkampa's electronic psychedelic rock is taking us out there and showing how the real world is made of fake appearances, a land mostly populated by zombies, where only some can "see". If you fly high, says the title track, you will see how fake we are.
In the other songs the same ideas take different forms. We meet Hombre Carton, the urban anti-hero who is recovering cardboard on the streets of Barcelona: he is also by the other side, and he survives in zombie land. And then there is The Meaning: a questioning song about language and feelings, asking for a form of communication through love and contact, rather than written words and codes.
released May 17, 2016

The work was entirely produced by Riccardo Massari with voices, original electric instruments (Tarcordium), synthesizers and drum machines in his home studio (Barcelona, Spain).
Special guests: Tamar McLeod Sinclair, voice on The Meaning - Sbibu Sguazzabia, electronic percussion on Hombre Carton.

Sound enhancement and co-production by Saso Kalan at Sonolab (Lublijana, Slovenia).
Co-produced and published by Officina55, Barcelona.

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released July 4, 2016



all rights reserved


OFFICINA 55 Recordings Barcelona, Spain

Created by Vincenzo D'Agostino
in 2007, the project focuses on investigating new forms of sound communication, in the era of Technological Democratization and new contemporary and futuristic Art Forms.
The artists
promoting Officina 55 are often different in their sound expression but united by the same concept of artistic progression and conceptual innovation.
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Track Name: By the other side
in Zombie Land
here everyone
is a walking dead man

This land
is a land of sorrow and pain
here people smile
in order to hide
in this place you repeat
the same errors
again and again

Shall you come by the other side
shall you see, how here we hide
shall you come and laugh again loud
shall you see how bright here the sky!

There's no war
out of the Zombie World
there's no pain
far from the Stupid Land

You can Fly High
By the Other Side
you can Fly High
By the Other Side

Look far
there they are
everyone there
is a walking dead man

If you think you're real
come up and see
if you think you're real
by the other side
see how fake you are

Shall you come by the other side….
Track Name: The Meaning

I have read all your books
I have heard all your words
And I can't understand

I have considered all
I have seen your idols
And I can't understand

And I wish, I wish that I could tell
what's the Meaning of things
And I wish, I wish that I could tell
what's the Meaning of things
that Humans say…

And I can't understand…
Track Name: Hombre cartón

There's a black man in the street
he picks up all the things you don't need
he picks up the cart boards
picks up the carton

Hombre Carton
African Man
Hombre carton
African Man

He picks the cart board up
he picks the carton
…some man in jacket and tie
few minutes ago
through out from his flat
things he does not need
No government recycle, no government recycle

Black man! african will save us
black man! it's full of zombies around
you're the only one who sees
the only one the only one…

No government recycle…
(coda) there's a black man in the street,
picking up all the things you don't need.
he rescue… he rescue…