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With this new Ep titled ANIMA, today Tarkampa is marking even more the style and poetics of the latest productions (A Cyce Of Visions, and By The Other Side for example) utilizing tribal rhythms, dreaming voices and large psychedelic electronic spaces. ANIMA is an Ep featuring the three main compositions of the album Tres Ritus Marins (in Catalan, three sea rituals) where we will be able to listen to more pieces produced during the same recording sessions.
The use of uncommon vocal techniques (falsetto, multiphonies, Mongolian chant, and vocoder), the use of very original instruments such as the Tarcordium, invented and built by Riccardo Massari himself, and finally the use of electro-acoustic percussion (Korg wavedrum , drum machines, etc.) gives to this group a very original and enchanting sound, where the lyrics add an additional poetic dimension.

The TARKAMPA band is formed by Riccardo Massari (voice, tarcordium, vocodas, synthesizers and drum machines, composition), Guillermo Gonzales (voice with different techniques and electronics) and Francesco Sguazzabia "Sbibu" at electro-acoustic percussion and voice. In Spain, the group often collaborate with the filmmaker and illustrator Pere Ginard, who also produces the cover of most of Tarkampa's albums you will find on the net, and some of the videoclips.

Music by Tarkampa
Guillermo Gonzales - voice & multiphonics
Sbibu Sguazzabia - percussions & wavedrums
Riccardo Massari - voice, tarcordium, synthtsizers & drum sequencers
Recording, Production and Mix: Riccardo Massari, Tarkampa Studio 2016, BCN. - Postproduction: Riccardo Massari & Vincenzo D'Agostino, BCN.
- Final Mastering and Digital Code: Vincenzo D'Agostino - Production: Vincenzo D'Agostino, OFFICINA55 - Album Cover by Pere Ginard
- Media Design and Web Programming by Yasemin Öneren.


released May 20, 2017

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OFFICINA 55 Recordings Barcelona, Spain

Created by Vincenzo D'Agostino
in 2007, the project focuses on investigating new forms of sound communication, in the era of Technological Democratization and new contemporary and futuristic Art Forms.
The artists
promoting Officina 55 are often different in their sound expression but united by the same concept of artistic progression and conceptual innovation.
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Track Name: Anima
I have come from a distant land and one day I'll return there, again I have come here on the sea
and I sail on not for a long
The ship goes up and down
on calm waves, or into the storm
The day I will arrive, I will meet again
with ancestors and future astronauts
with unfulfilled thoughts, blossoms and gems and faded flowers
The day I will arrive I will melt again with the water of all the fountains
the tears of all the children we have been and we'll come back again.
In the infinite skies I'll be atomized with possible colors and flower-dust
unfulfilled dreams, unfulfilled thoughts.
Track Name: Jungle
Rectify yourself, Into the jungle of life
Track Name: A Piece of Real
A Piece Of Real

Every time you try
to understand why
flipping the pages of a book
Every time you try to fix a moving spot in the air
a falling leave
a flying bird
Every time
you try to say a word she has already said
You are missing a piece of real